Healing For Humanity

facilitating whole healing and synergy

We Value

Co-creation, integrity, and connection.

We believe that nurturing a greater level of self-awareness and healing as an individual is the single most valuable tool for every community to develop, grow and thrive as a collective.

Align & Shine World exists to connect those seeking elevation in consciousness and healing with trusted, experienced, and authentic Healers.

Align & Shine

We are committed to providing a safe platform for healing practitioners to connect with pioneering souls seeking healing modalities. 

In this innovative co-creative community, seekers have access to the ASW Healers we represent and work alongside. Our goal is for you to reach optimal health and well-being. 

Experienced ASW Healers are passionate individuals dedicated to sharing their knowledge and contributing to global healing. Align & Shine healers include therapists, naturopathic doctors, coaches, energy practitioners, spiritual teachers, Indigenous knowledge keepers, yoga instructors, and more.

Heal yourself with guidance. 

Our Mission

We have sourced healers from around the world to share their much-needed work with you just as you are – right here, right now.