Amy Thiessen


Each voice carries a unique gift – a resonance that we offer through word, expression, & communication. Amy Thiessen guides people through discovering their gift.

She is an international somatic voice and communications coach as well as a musical performer who helps women inhabit greater comfort in their bodies & express themselves with clarity, courage, & resonance.

With over 15 years of experience as a musician, yoga teacher, coach, and facilitator, Amy uses a wholistic approach to awaken voice through the integration of somatic awareness, discernment, devotion, and vocal techniques. Through individual coaching and group programs, participants develop the skills and awareness to more fluently express themselves with clarity, creativity, and impact. Working at the intersection of body, voice, and communication, Amy helps people know and express the fullness of who they are.

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Align & Shine Endorsement

"Amy brilliantly taps into all that the voice embodies. Before working with Amy I was feeling an energetic disconnection from my voice and everything it represents, now I feel a deeper connection to my truth. Amy holds space for authentic expression and healing.”

- Shauna Ireland, ASW Founder

"Amy has helped me to speak up and communicate better in my personal and working relationships. I love her holistic approach to the voice and her use of the body and somatic experience to speak. I cannot recommend this approach enough!"

– Nadia Melina