Aya Natan

Medicine Woman

Aya is an intuitive medicine woman who receives messages from a higher source. She then researches the knowledge she receives, guided by her mentors. For over a decade, Aya has been channelling concoctions and recipes to create healing products for people all over the  world. Her connection to nature opens her up to listen to the plants and hear their messages.

She is the founder of Cura Sana, and all of her products are made with the intention of healing. They are a unique line of homemade, high vibrational natural medicines and skincare. Aya embodies her soul’s purpose, bringing healing to people through the gifts provided by our sacred Mother Nature.

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Natural medicine

Holistic skincare


Align & Shine Endorsement

Aya is a gifted teacher and pure channel. I have learned so much from her and it was not a coincidence we connected. She is wise and knowledgeable. She introduced me to the power of plants and their medicine and our connection to them.

- Shauna Ireland, ASW Founder

“What a blessing to have Aya in my life! This sacred medicine works on so many levels, it's absolutely amazing and wonderful - It's such a precious ally to sustain my energy. The ancient wisdom of beauty secrets lay in these.”