Caitlin Montgomery


Caitlin has always possessed a sensitivity to energy and viewed the world from a wider perspective. At the age of 12 she received her Reiki Certification.

She is a former school teacher whose journey to becoming a mother was perhaps her biggest source of learning. After experiencing a dark night of the soul resulting from 5 miscarriages, she began a personal healing journey, which reconnected her to her sensitivity to energy, the mysteries, and the unseen realms which she strongly carried as a child but forgot somewhere along the way.

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Align & Shine Endorsement

“Caitlin brilliantly weaves all of her gifts into incredible insightful astrology readings. This opens doorways to the depth of truly understanding your chart. I always feel a deeper understanding and connection to my life path and its meaning after our time together. She is a true healing alchemist and teacher.”

- Shauna Ireland, ASW Founder

“When Caitlin read my chart I was floored because of how much it reflected my life. It was a relief to know that the things I want most I am actually quite literally born for. Seeing myself reflected through my chart made me see my purpose in a whole new way. I feel inspired and energized to go after what I want knowing I am meant for it.”

– Natalie St. Hilaire