Carmelinda Di Manno

EFT Practitioner, Yoga and Breath Instructor

Carmelinda has great capacity to hold space for others with compassion and faith. She believes healing and empowerment are available to everybody and has devoted her life to learning the tools to support others so that they can realize their own potential for happiness and inner peace.

Carmelinda began her own healing journey through her battle with anxiety, depression, and co-dependency at a young age.  Her healing path was paved through the practices of yoga, movement, meditation, and eventually Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).

Throughout her life, she experienced deep lows and eventually came to understand and see that the beliefs we often live by can be changed from hopeless to hopeful and empowered. She realized that each and every one of us has the potential to see ourselves and live in the bright light.

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Align & Shine Endorsement

“Carmelinda is a force. She has a powerful presence and one of her superpowers is holding space for people to MOVE.She gives me permission to fully express my authentic self. Her divine fusion of yoga, movement, music and breath is my kind of therapy.”

- Shauna Ireland, ASW Founder

“Carmelinda has been monumental to my well-being and overall growth. She creates a lovely atmosphere of acceptance, non-judgement, and grounded support. She’s incredibly knowledgeable and it shines through that she’s done the work herself. I’ve learned an array of new tools and been able to go deep into the parts of me that have needed love and acceptance the hardest."