Dr. Elizabeth Goldspink, ND


Dr. Elizabeth Goldspink is a wellness innovator, entrepreneur, and trusted authority in personalized medicine and peek performance. She is a multi-dimensional Naturopathic Doctor using her expertise to create and consult on wellness products that have a ripple effect for the greater good.

Her ultimate desire has always been to help people find wellness and actualize their innate potential.

As a Clinical Intern in both general medicine and adjunctive cancer care, Dr. Elizabeth studied under the tutelage of experts in the field of integrative cancer care. Simultaneously, she began successfully formulating and marketing consumer products in the health and wellness sector.

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Align & Shine Endorsement

"Elizabeth has a powerful and graceful presence. She embodies a sacred knowing as she offers knowledgeable, practical yet intuitive guidance. My sessions with her always resulted in a transformative understanding of the whole picture in relation to what was present each time. It is fascinating how everything is connected. Elizabeth is a compassionate leader and she was a key player in empowering me to take responsibility for my healing.”

- Shauna Ireland, ASW Founder

“Incredibly hard-working and loyal, Elizabeth is unrelenting in pursuing her goals with a focus sharp enough to dismantle and overcome any obstacle. Without exaggeration, she can make anything happen not only to the highest degree of quality but while also building enduring networks and relationships. Her bright intelligence and entrepreneurial and humanitarian spirit make her a talented businesswoman and a life-changing naturopathic doctor.”

– Dr. Jenny Henderson