John Jacob Mubarak


John is committed to facilitating healing and bringing joy through the Sacred Truth Principles of Acceptance, Joy & Oneness as an agape licensed spiritual practitioner. Agape practitioners are masterful in the art of compassionate listening and discovering the truth of the people they work with believing that a client is already whole, perfect, and complete and work to assist them in revealing their own perfection.

As an elemental rhythm breathwork facilitator, John works as a guide combining sound, movement, various breathing patterns and holds, and guided mediation. John supports people in facilitating the release of emotions and blocked energy, eliminating or reducing feelings of anxiety and depression, reducing pain, and increasing athletic performance and metabolism among many other benefits. Breathwork is both an easily accessible and effective method to improve your overall well-being.

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Align & Shine Endorsement

" I truly never realized the power of breathwork until I did a session with John Jacob. I felt safe as he led me. His presence is healing and his guidance is transformative. I was able to surrender and trust the process."

- Shauna Ireland, ASW Founder

“To know John Jacob is to experience a man who lives his life fully and is always available to do his best. He is articulate, intelligent, compassionate, generous, kind and so much more. I trust him as he shows up in life with integrity, listening from a place of authentic dedication and a willingness to give, share and learn. What more is there? John Jacob is like no one else and that is something to celebrate!”

— Karen Mills-Alston Author & Spiritual Teacher