Marlo Brausse

Marlo has always been motivated to facilitate positive transformations in others by helping them discover their inner light which is why it is no surprise that she was an award finalist as ‘EY Entrepreneur of the Year’,Women of Inspiration’ and twice as ‘Women of Influence’, and the culmination of a lifetime of work to create the ‘Marlo Brausse Wellness Inc’.

Starting her career as a probation officer in Canada brought the rewards of imparting change, yet eventually became imbalanced and was no longer aligned.  

As her life with the arrival of a second newborn, she could see opportunity for her own renewal. Aligning her life-long love of fitness and yoga, Marlo moved from helping people out of crime, to supporting her community into health, and in 2009 became an AFLCA Mind-Body group fitness leader, later winning the ‘Top Fitness Instructor’ award.  Starting her first business of many in 2012, Marlo created Barre Body Studio in Calgary, Alberta, and later Barre Body Studio On Demand that she still operates today. 

As the pandemic pinched, Marlo once again saw a chance to shine in a different direction and reinvent herself, enrolling in Integrative Somatic Therapy Practice training with Mind Soul Body Healing Centre.


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Somatic Healer

Yoga and Bodywork Practitioner

Mind-Body Fitness Leader


Align & Shine Endorsement

When I took Marlo’s one of a kind “Rise Up” class in Calgary I felt and knew there was something different about her and what she was sharing. Spiritually fused fitness classes BEFORE their time. Marlo has the innate ability to motivate and empower. She is a creator and healer. It was a fitness class led by my psychologist. I felt safe and moved through so much.

- Shauna Ireland, ASW Founder

Exceeded my expectations...

Marlo exceeded my expectations for my first somatic healing experience. She made me feel comfortable in her space which allowed me to take deeper breaths as the session went on.

- Recent Customer