Petra Rakebrandt

Petra is an Energy Artist, with each stroke bringing more color, vibrancy, and joy to the lives of all whom she touches.  She was born in Germany and was a civil engineer and managing director (MBA) before she discovered her true calling.

Her purpose is to channel power and presence and by tapping into that higher level of consciousness intuits transformation into the daily thoughts, actions, and relationships of those she works with. Now living in the Caribbean she is able to guide people and  illuminate  any deeply hidden blocks and by bringing color to the limiting beliefs and thought patterns that keep individuals dulled.

She embarked on her path to holistically heal and coach others based on her philosophy around discovery of authentic self. She encourages everyone to find clarity in one’s vision and their connection in love, life, and work, aligning to their core desires and unleashing the best version of themselves.

She is qualified and experienced in a diverse range of practical skills that when brought together form a circle of fire to ignite and enlighten her students to a higher realm and greater form of their current Self. 

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Reiki Master

Theta Healing

Polarity Therapy

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

Align & Shine Endorsement

My session with Petra was fluid and I was left feeling a great sense of calm, peace and ease. It is difficult to find the precise words to describe the experience because it was so profound.

- Shauna Ireland, ASW Founder

In just one session...

“I’ve tried to solve my issues (depression, bulimia) with psychiatry and with medications but these just numbed me. With the yoga sessions, Petras life and dietary coaching, and also her theta healing sessions I have found the person in me that can say “No”. One theta healing session helped achieve more than 6 months medication.”

- Ivonne Alicia