Rachel Heathwood

Holistic Nutritionist

Rachel Heathwood is on a mission to help improve the health of as many women as possible. With statistics like 80% of autoimmune conditions occurring in women, Rachel recognizes that the suffering of a woman’s wellbeing has a ripple effect across her whole family. As a nutritionist who specializes in gut, hormonal, and skin health, she understands their intricate interconnection, and the fact that our bodies’ symptoms get louder and louder until we decide to finally listen.

After a decade of struggling extensively with her own gut health issues like food intolerances, bloating, hormonal imbalances, poor immune system functioning, parasites, SIBO disguised as IBS, chronic fatigue, leaky gut, nutrient malabsorption, recurring throat infections, joint pain, and skin issues, Rachel finally found the answers she needed while studying extensively to become a nutritionist and discovering the potent power of food as medicine. Her interest in the body’s innate ability and desire to heal under the right conditions grew with the experience of her own healing and upon realizing that having learned to just live with her symptoms was not true living at all. In completing a Bachelor of Nutritional Science, a mentoring program in Australia with renowned natural nutritionist Steph Lowe, and spending time in Costa Rica with various practitioners, Rachel cemented her passion for healing through a holistic and natural approach.

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Hormone Health

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Skin Health

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Rachel Heathwood is on a mission

I can't express enough how grateful I am to have found Rachel and worked with her on improving my health. Rachel's expertise in holistic nutrition is truly exceptional. At 42, I was struggling with digestive issues and hormonal imbalances that had been bothering me for years. Medical professionals had told me there was nothing wrong with me and I felt defeated. Rachel doesn't just provide solutions; she equips you with the knowledge to make informed choices about your health.

- Shauna Ireland, ASW Founder

ASW Endorsement

Rachel radiates what she teaches. I was drawn to her work because of how knowledgeable she was in one initial conversation. After my consultation with her I left feeling empowered and equipped with the tools I needed to improve my well-being. I also felt motivated to follow through which is the magic she sprinkles in.