Tanis Fishman

Mystic, Yoga Nidra, Psycho-Spiritual Integration

Tanis is a mystic, healer, yoga nidra guide and mother who consciously embodies her spirit in order to walk through life with more ease and grace. Her life’s mission has been to understand and know directly who and what we are as human beings so she can guide and support others in their journey to liberation.

Raised an athlete – a member of the Canadian National ski team – her training was intense and left little room for self-exploration. Her curiosity was infinite and while she felt a devotion to quench her spiritual thirst, she found it near impossible to break from the momentum of her choices and the expectations of family, friends, coaches, and goals.

An injury and divine intervention changed that and led her to explore the world and the wisdom teachings she had craved for so long. Her fascination with all paths that merge individual consciousness into the universal spirit was allowed to blossom.

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Yoga Nidra


Psycho-Spiritual Integration Journeys

Sankalpa Mentorship

Align & Shine Endorsement

"I trained with Tanis over 15 years ago. Her teachings were profound and highly relevant then but they are very much needed now. She goes beyond what I had previously known as yoga Nidra into a whole-hearted experience. Tanis is a truly gifted teacher who leads with integrity and so much love. She brings traditional teachings to life."

Shauna Ireland - Founder, ASW

“What Tanis facilitates is a portal to the deepest remembering I've ever experienced in over 20 years of spiritual practice. What I felt was a full-on, bone-deep knowing of who I truly am that continues to unfold long after the practice. Tanis is one of the most powerful conduits for healing I've ever encountered.”

- Catherine Liggett