Align & Shine World
is committed to a global healing revolution

We are a sacred and professional container for modern healing practitioners to connect with clients  to share their services, educate through MasterClasses, and participate in a community of co-creative rebirth. 


Everything is connected

Healing work done in tandem across all modalities and across areas and layers of our lives — the mental, spiritual, emotional, energetic, intellectual, and physical — are needed in order to align with our highest power and potential.


Healing is not a linear process

It’s cyclical, layered, and at times even chaotic. It’s something that isn’t ever ‘finished’ and it’s something that can’t be rushed. It’s for this reason that working with specialized healers to guide your ongoing journey is so important.


The invitation is extended to all pioneering souls who are awakening, healing, growing, transforming, teaching, sharing, and evolving to join us in moving toward the global awakening of our connectedness.

Meet The Team

Shauna Ireland

Stay humble, drink water.

Shauna is the leader and visionary of Align and Shine World. She’s masterfully combined her years of professional experience with her own healing and spiritual journey to create a place where healers, practitioners, coaches, energy workers, and all other types of spiritually aligned entrepreneurs can come to get the support they need to expand their business. 

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Lisa Pitura

Be open to the journey. 

As the Director of Operations, Lisa embodies the forward-moving energy that allows Align and Shine World to thrive. Her efficiency and organizational skills provide spaciousness and breathing room within the agency so that creativity can blossom and the highest quality work can be created. She truly keeps this ship afloat!

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Vanessa Jensen

Always chasing the surf and sun.

Vanessa is a brand development expert who is passionate about bringing ancient, sacred teachings and principles into the new world so that our client’s mission and vision are not only communicated but also received at the right time, by the right people. It’s no wonder she manifested her way into the Align and Shine World realm… our values are in perfect alignment.

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Proud to partner with 5D world.
Thank you for your support IN making this dream a reality.

Full Circle

A circle is the first, simplest, and most perfect form.

Circles reflect the continuity between generations and the continuing cycle of life and death.

Circles hold and contain energy so that cycles of growth can exist within them.

As there is light in the dark, there is dark in the light. As the spiritual space expands,
it’s vital to ensure the circle of practicing healers comprises genuine and gifted people.
Awareness and accountability is of utmost importance, as even those working in the light can be misguided.

Align & Shine World welcomes seekers and healers alike into a sacred and safe space.
Align & Shine invites individuals to let them cast a circle of protection around them as they explore their journey of self-discovery. By working with legitimate healers, people can operate on a high frequency, surrounded by a circle of individuals working towards a common goal – restoring the world’s natural balance and connecting the dots.

The circle is everything and more that Align & Shine represents: inclusion, wholeness, unity, and infinity.

Co-creating consciousness.