Everything is Energy

And how you show up in your life is exactly how you should show up in your business - giving it your all.

Here at Align and Shine World Agency Services, we practice what we preach. And what we preach is high vibrational business practices that align with source wisdom and energy through communications, marketing, brandings, and public relations. From this place, we (You & Us) can create a massive impact to heal the world.

Everything we’ve experienced in these realms (the ones you can and can’t see) supports and guides you to share your work from a deep intuitive perspective and allows your biggest vision and mission to shine through.

Your Vibe Attracts your... people.
And we vibrate high and attract high - which is why you’re here reading this right now.

Chances are you’re a Healer in some way, shape or form. 

That could look like a coach, energy worker, therapist, conscious creator, lightworker, spiritual teacher, thought leader, entrepreneur, or some other form of service. What you label it doesn’t matter. What does matter is this – you’re a leader and space holder for your community and you vibrate at THE highest level. You are a changemaker, here to make the world a better place. Our job is to hold space for you and support your business so you can share your talents, gifts, and service with the world.


High Vibrational Business Practices

*Warning: Our services may induce massive personal and professional growth.

Our services are designed to be something we co-create together. Our offerings sync up with the universal mind, the divine intelligence, and YOU. Your work is needed in this world, and we’re here to make sure your voice and mission are heard and received.

Public Relations

Around here, PR is an acronym for power

A POWERful experience, designed to get you from backstage to centerstage of your life.

Prepare to create a vision board, set goals, meditate and set your intentions – because, yes it’s all connected. The work is an inside job. When you’re ready to step into the spotlight we’re here to shine it on you.

From pitching a powerful story to high-level media training, we’ve got you covered.

Inspiring others to heal, grow, and transform begins the moment you tell your stories in the most authentic and powerful way.

This is more than your average public relations. This bridging the world of practical and energetic, delivering your message in a way the world’s never seen (but oh so badly needs).

Communications Audit and Strategy

Strategy meets Soul

All encompassing strategy and marketing audit that isn’t one size fits all, because you are a multidimensional being that demands a multi-dimensional approach.

Conscious, transformative communications is on the rise and old world marketing is quickly on the decline.

We’re not new to conscious communications, we’ve been in this game for decades and have developed an intuitive audit and insight process that sees the whole picture.

We go beyond what meets the eye and straight to the soul so we can extract your mission and message. We get to know you, like REALLY get to know you, and help build your brand from the ground up.

We aren’t just conscious communications and marketing experts, we’re your multi-dimensional marketing agency that elevates your business beyond 3D.

Brand Identity and Sacred Symbolic Logo Design

Your brand has a personality, let’s discover it!

Just like no 2 people are the same, neither are 2 brands. This is more than “just” a logo or brand kit, it’s the entire essence of your brand portrayed through vibrant colors, symbols, and imagery.

Brand personality is personal – and we’ll pull out all the tools, tips, and tricks in our bag to bring your vision to life.

Website Creation

The full front facing creation of your business, crafted just the way you dreamt it.

People feel your energy and yes, even through a computer screen. How do you want to be seen by others? Better yet, what FEELINGS do you want to invoke in others when they see your brand and mission?

This is where we take every piece of your vision board, your dreams, your journal notes, and create a front facing image of your brand that quite literally gets you jumping out of bed with excitement.

We want you to call in the clients and customers of your dreams, and this is how we’ll do it. We’ll make sure your website keeps it’s soul (and represents you) without losing functionality or easy navigation.

Social Media Support

Taking the vibe on your ‘Gram up a few hertz.

Our tailored-to-you package will connect you with not just any audience, but YOUR audience, making your message crystal quartz clear to ensure that your message is received mind, body, and soul. Your clients will come to your social spot and feel 100% fueled by what you’re offering.

Digital and Conscious Marketing

Strategize. Energize. Create Impact.

In an online world saturated with unaligned marketing tactics, we’re here to guide you through the ever-changing and sometimes intimidating digital landscape with intention and purpose.

We refuse to sell our souls to the lower vibe marketing ways and are ready to teach you that marketing can be fully aligned (and fun)!

If you’re looking for sales pages, funnels, newsletters, lead magnets, and online courses with SOUL – we’ve got you

Marketing Management

Intuitive Guidance and Action

We know how attending to the details can seem overwhelming. Let us do that for you! Offering support for all stages of your entrepreneurial journey, we ground your work and implement your plans so you can stay in service to your soul’s purpose.


Come for the personal branding. Leave a brand-new person.

Power Hour is intuitive business coaching and strategy proprietary process with Shauna Ireland for those that know they are here to make a difference. This work is for those who understand that the commitment to their own personal growth is connected to the work that they do and how they serve. They may specialize in health, wellness, consciousness and healing – or not. We have worked with accountants, doctors, CEO’s and a variety of brands and businesses. The one thing everyone has in common? They are either starting something new or in transition.

This is for those that are still struggling to define what they do (and how they do it). This process is for anyone blessed with gifts, talents, and a mission to help others and the world — but are in need of a bit of practical, real-world support to bolster their business and spread their message.

We’d love to work with you! Get in touch…